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How to drive or increase Social Media Traffic & Website Traffic of a Media Company

Media Company, media group or media institution a well-known company,  which owns many businesses in various advertising for example TV, radio  stations, publishing, movies, and also the Internet. But now a days social media becomes one of the finest resource to do advertise your business, products and services, so presently now media company need to influence and work on having good social media accounts or pages.
There are approaches to increase social media traffic. However, in light of the fact that a strategy works, doesn't mean it's financially savvy. On the off chance that it doesn't give you the correct ROI, it doesn't bode well for your business.
You can squander a great deal of time and cash pursuing on the web techniques and attempting purported "mystery" strategies that essentially cost excessively for excessively little.
At that point there are procedures that are demonstrated. At the point when done right, they increment web based life traffic. They enable you to meet income objectives. They don't load you with obtaining costs that aren't manageable.
This is the sort of methodology media company needs. Here's the means by which to complete this.
Use of Keywords/Hashtags and know who is visible
These are other profiles a person may click on in your space. This knowledge influences how you target and who you target. If a certain hashtag is too competitive, supplement it with a similar, less competitive one.
What’s the Data Telling Me?
Paid analytics tools will give you a more thorough picture of the competitive landscape. But you can do a lot manually if you have extra time on your hands.
Pull real data to better understand competitor strategies and develop your own.

Be a Magnet for the Right Audience

Driving social media traffic is all about creating a magnet that draws in your target audience. But there’s no one way to become a magnet. It takes research and planning as well as consistent implementation and analytics.
Start with researching who your audience is. Create written customer personas. Create and curate content for these avatars of your real customers. As you design content, keep this person in mind.
Pay attention to who’s interacting and how they’re interacting. As you do, you’ll learn how to create a stronger magnet.

Engage with Existing Followers

You may or may not have much to work with yet. Maybe you only have 100 followers on Facebook. Or you’re only getting 10 website visits a day.
When you have such small numbers, you may place all of your focus on acquiring new and more and better. But in the process, you ignore what you already have.
When existing social media traffic is engaged by a brand, they multiply, become more loyal, and often become paying customers.
Here are some of the top ways to engage.

Make It Interactive

Run contests, quizzes and surveys. These more interactive elements of social media work double-duty. They engage existing traffic and bring in new traffic. As you get more interactions and followers, you can even reward your fans with more to keep them loyal and engaged.

Respond to Comments

If people are taking time to comment, nurture that interaction. Not only will it mean something to the user. It shows that you’re engaged. More people will want to join the conversation.

Share Consistently

Get on a schedule. Your regulars should have an idea about when you update your blog and how often. They need to see content from you every day. At least half of this content should be created by you. The other half can be curated. But when curating, always keep your goals in mind.

Create Inspiring Visuals

People are 40x more likely to share social media posts that have visuals like graphics, images, gifs, and videos.
Put some thought into the visuals that accompany your post. Add visuals that will amaze even the best photographers. What feelings do those images stimulate? Do they draw attention? Do people want to click? If not, work on improving how you create visuals to meet your traffic goals.

Invest in SEO

SEO isn’t a gimmick. It’s a long-term strategy that makes website as visible as possible. To see your traffic double, then triple and on and on, invest in smart SEO strategies that increase your visibility over time.
SEO includes what you do to your website like making it mobile-friendly, user-friendly and fast. It also includes how you engage people through content, funnels, CTAs, interactive elements and your navigation system.
The more flawless you can make the user experience, the better chance you’ll have of ranking high in search results in Google and other search engines.
SEO also includes the many things you do off the site like researching what the competition is doing. Which keywords are best to target? What kind of content should you be creating?
Social media and guest posting are a huge part of this “off-page” SEO. They help drive initial traffic to the website to show Google that you deserve higher ranking.
Google pays attention to how this traffic interacts with your website. How many people visit and whether they stay and click on other things tells them how authoritative you are among your audience.
That’s just one more reason that the quality of your traffic matters. You drive a 100,000 new visitors to your site. But only 1,000 were actually a good fit for your brand. It looks like you’re not providing a great experience and increases your bounce rate. 

Facebook Traffic Campaigns

Are you having trouble getting noticed on social media? It’s frustrating. If you don’t have followers, almost no one sees your content. If no one sees your content, it’s hard to gain any momentum.
Social media traffic campaigns are the answer. You could spend several months very slowly increasing impressions and gaining followers. But time is money.
Getting that traffic now is worth the cost if you’re attracting high-quality traffic. That’s traffic that engages and re-engages. It includes a high percentage of people who becomes followers, subscribers, customers or whatever your goals might be.
Create Your Ad
Traffic campaign ads most often show up within news feeds rather than in an ad space. This makes them feel organic. You look like a friend sharing something.
Consider this when creating the ad. It should encourage people to click. But the less it “feels” like an ad, the better. Instead, make it about the content. That’s why people click in social media. Get that traffic first. Then focus on conversions through your website. Facebook is a huge driver of online sales. 52% of online purchases can be attributed back to a Facebook ad. This traffic is valuable. It’s worth it play the long-game by increasing traffic first.

Share Buttons

Make those share buttons highly visible and easy to use with logos that social media users instantly recognize.
Ensure that those social media buttons look great on mobile and don’t distract by covering up text or overpowering the screen. As much as 62% of social media time is now spent on mobile devices.

Clickable Links

Provide a clickable link. Whether they click a short-link, naked link (the link in its original form), text link or image, quickly take them where you’d like them to go.
Have Clickable Images
42% of images in content aren’t linked to anything. And yet, people naturally click images to go to the place you’ve invited them.
An unclickable image in an email leads to a momentary point of confusion. However brief, this misstep can sidetrack the clicker.
In a simple piece of content like an email, link that image to the same location the CTA goes.

Create a Sharing Cycle

Integrate social sharing into every marketing channel you use:
  • Website
  • Emails
  • Apps
  • Other Social Platforms
Maximize every marketing channel to drive traffic to another channel. Get compound interest out of sharing by creating a share cycle. The cycle looks something like this.
Each touch point leads the person to take an action that increases traffic on another channel. But this isn’t just low-quality traffic.
This is engaged traffic. They’re taking part in the cycle that you’ve created.
Because of it, they’re exposed to more branded touch points.
It keeps you top of mind. You have more opportunities to turn this engagement into revenues based upon your business model.
But be careful with this strategy. Be honest with yourself about your capacity and budget. It’s possible to spread yourself too thin trying to be everywhere. It can make your brand seem very insignificant in each location.
Start by adding the buttons and links where you already have touch points like blogs, newsletters, etc. Grow from there.

Start Guest Posting

Guest posting on reputable sites your target visits and trusts is a great way to drive social media traffic.
This website has already done the work by increasing their own traffic. Using this bypass gives you a traffic infusion you’d have to work months or sometimes years to achieve through other methods.
Like all of these strategies, there are some best practices to follow to get the most social media traffic and website traffic out of the arrangement. Here’s how it’s done.

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