Thursday, 7 February 2019

Benefits derived from Facebook Advertising & Why Facebook Advertising is compulsory

Facebook Advertising is another good platform to promote what yourself or what you are doing. You are making a huge mistake if you are not leveraging all of the benefits of Facebook advertising. If you’re already convinced you need Facebook advertising for your business, then contact us here. If not, then keep reading and we’re sure you’ll realize the benefits Facebook advertising can have for your business.
This are the the benefit you will derived from advertising using facebook;

Your customers are on Facebook
Let’s start with the facts. 80% of all Internet users use Facebook. Even 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. It has over 2 billion users. Most users check their Facebook page multiple times per day. Regardless of who your customers are, they are using Facebook. And, they use it daily. Therefore, one of the most important benefits of Facebook advertising is that your customers use it daily.
Facebook advertising can grow your blog traffic
A blog moves nowhere without traffic.  You can use Facebook advertising to expose your blog to the masses and generate instant traffic. Through advertising your blog, you can gain more trust and credibility with your audience. Blogs are a great way to build a deeper connection with your audience. And, you can use Facebook advertising to bridge the connection between your blog and traffic.

Facebook advertising can increase your SEO rankings
Search engines rely on social signals to rank websites. Social signals consist of the activity on your social media content. This activity includes shares, likes, and comments on your posts. Facebook advertising can help you increase your social signals, which will indirectly influence your SEO rankings.

Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them.

Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising
Another major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it is one of the cheapest for of advertising. You can literally spend $5 and reach 1,000 people. It does not make sense to spend more in radio ads, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional media to reach the same audience.

Facebook advertising is fast

Facebook advertising is fast. It drives immediate results. You start reaching thousands of people today. If you are looking for a fast way to drive traffic and conversions, Facebook advertising is the best solution.

Facebook advertising increases brand awareness

Facebook advertising will significantly build your brand awareness. It is a great way to make people aware of what you have to offer. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely they will purchase your products when it is time to make a decision.
Facebook advertising increases website traffic
Facebook advertising will boost your website traffic. You can run a website click campaign to target your audience and send them to your website. While you can increase your website traffic through multiple sources, the precision and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising makes it more beneficial than other sources.
Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads
Facebook advertising is not a myth. It actually drives revenue, sales, and leads. Below is a screenshot of a business that spent $519.87 in Facebook ads and generated $1,557.50 in sales. On average, they spent $3.42 per conversion. 
Facebook advertising increases your customer attribution
Facebook advertising will increase your customer attribution. Attribution is a number of times your audience sees your brand. The more times they interact with your business, the more likely they will convert. Facebook advertising will help you increase your touch points with your audience and leads to more conversions in the future.
Facebook advertising can lower your cost per acquisition
If you can get Facebook advertising to work for your business, it will likely decrease your acquisition costs. Because Facebook advertising is so cheap, you can cut out some of the other expensive advertising campaigns you are invested in.
Facebook advertising builds engagement
Facebook advertising builds engagement with your target audience. Engagement consists of the likes, comments, and interactions on your advertisements. Engagement is important because it signifies a stronger connection with your target audience. As people engage with your brand, an indirect is being developed. The more engaged your audience is, the stronger your connection is with them. The more connected they are to your business, the more likely they will convert. Investing into social media management can also dramatically increase your engagement.

Facebook advertising increases word-of-mouth and referrals
The social aspect of Facebook advertising makes it better than any other form of advertising that exists. Facebook advertisements can go viral. If your ads are reaching the right people, they will likely share it with a friend. The ability to spread word-of-mouth and referrals will be a significant benefit your business can capitalize on by using Facebook advertising.
Facebook advertising can help you build your email list

Facebook advertising can fuel your email marketing efforts. You can utilize Facebook’s “lead ad” forms to capture email contacts through Facebook ads. You can also direct traffic to an external form on your website to build your email list.

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