Saturday, 6 October 2018

The differences betwen ND, OND and DIPLOMA.

​For the benefits of those who wish to know the differences between ND, OND AND DIPLOMA.
We are here to break it down and make it simpler for better understanding.
Firstly we will start with the full meaning of the acronym.
OND: Ordinary nation diploma
ND : National diploma
OND is the old acronym. The  National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has abandoned its use in favour of just ND which is National Diploma. 
The previous name was OND and the new name is now ND.
Some  result will carry OND while some will carry ND.
Any result issue between 2010 upward will carry ND while result issue by polytechnic before 2010 will carry OND .
Whenever you come across OND or ND anywhere, you should have it in mind that both are the same.
Lastly AND and ND are the same but are different from Diploma. The difference is that ND or OND certificates are given for accreditated course [s] while Diploma for not accredited course[s] though run by the same institution. Universities and Colleges of Education also run diploma courses but not ND OR OND.
Besides, ND OR OND is more recognizable and accepted than Diploma or university diploma please take note.
 diploma are mostly  run in Nigeria universities however there are plans to atop universities from issuing diploma to students 

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