Friday, 5 October 2018

“Ghost” is making my life a “living hell” after I invited the Holy Ghost into my life but another spirit came in – Man says

A 41-year-old father-of-two identified as David Mitileng, from Palm Ridge, Ekurhuleni in South Africa, has revealed how he is being tormented by a restless spirit and he’s asking for help to exorcise the spiritual being. 

According to David Mitileng, his problems started in 2013 after he invited the Holy Spirit into his heart but another spirit also entered his body. He said the spirit has made it impossible for him to stay in one place and he was constantly on the move.

He explained:

I’ve always had visions bothering me but my life became worse after 2013. David said he started getting visions telling him to go to certain places but he was not able to stay put anywhere for more than a month.

He said if he refused to leave a place, he would get sick or start having sleepless nights. His family will also suffer. He said:

f I resist moving, my family also starts suffering. I’m a father of two but I can’t stay with my family because I’m trying to protect them from things that might harm them.

 David said all he wants is to settle down and he’s pleading for help from anyone capable of solving his problem. 

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