Monday, 7 May 2018

Nigerians come for Tonto Dikeh for saying she can never drag her child on social media the way Blac Chyna’s mother did to her daughter

Actress Tonto Dikeh has reacted to the viral news on Blac Chyna’s mother who went online to blast her daughter for not seeing her for years and keeping her grandkids away from her.

But her reaction was not welcomed by many of her followers who feel she has no rights whatsoever to have a say in the matter.
Tonto says no matter what the case may be, she’d never drag her daughter on social media the way Tokyo Toni did her daughter.

Tonto wrote,
My mother calls me out like this on social media? The only Real flesh & blood A human can ever have??? I feel your pain mama, but you shld be the last person to publicly disgrace you and your whole family like this…
I am a mother I will never do this,I will borrow money and come to you and sleep at your gate day to day until you let me in and forgive and talk things over.. The both need Healing..
Lord where did Love and family Values Go? So sad,The pain in this World is just Crazy
And then her followers came for her and it was a whole lotta trash talk.
sony____a wrote, @tontolet the same way you also bring your shit to social media, like even spiritual attack, stuffs that should not be on social media, y’all are same, you are like her.
And she replied,
@sony____a chia but do you even see my parents pictures o my page or do I ever bring my daddy daughter drama on social media??? No nah be fair bro
Ezikvinnie wrote, @tontolet if I hear! How many gate u siddon when u had issues with Churchill? Abeg talk anode thing
And she replied,
@ezikvinnie Sir I don’t think you understand what we are saying,Tokyo never married Blac Chyna. That’s a mother daughter relationship
Another user, richard__d1 wrote, @tontolet Tokyo never married Chyna yes we all know that but you are in no position to judge the action Tokyo took on social media, you can quietly break up with your husband and disgrace him anywhere but not social media. You are still crashing on the table you are shaking, you sound stupid trying to defend yourself.
To which she responded,
@richard___d1 Judge? Honey if only you will calm down,Maybe remove the negativity you have in your head about me and sincerely read my post.i am sure you will understand my words better!! I’m not shaking tables but if am on this table and it’s shaking no shame in falling.. Shebi person wet fall they stand up?
Persisting, Richard wrote back,
@tontolet Have you been in Tokyo’s shoes as a mother? No,not yetis yes you are judging her because you have no single ideal of the pains she is going through. Stop trying too hard to give me a modest clap back cos we know the real you,you called Ada Slim mother a bitch here on social media,the lady who supported u from nothing to something…

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