Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Most Savage Responses You Can Give To Someone Who Asks You For Nude Pictures

For some highly odd and weird reasons all guys think that it’s perfectly okay to ask a girl to send nude pictures of her. Even if you guys are a couple this nude pictures obsession can be annoying for her, if you always ask her to send nude pictures. And there’s nothing wrong in sending nudes to the guy you love and trust but a stranger asking for nude pictures is a complete No No. Here are the most perfect and savage responses you can use when a guy asks you to send nude pictures. There are just epic.

The next time someone asks you for your nude pictures, you can use these savage responses to trick them.

1. This would definitely make him cry
2. This prank though 😀

3. Perfect reply 😀
4. This deadly idea
savage responses to nude pictures
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