Sunday, 29 April 2018

‘Pencil brow’ now the trend for makeup artists and fashionistas (photos)

Pencil brow is the latest eyebrow trend after other eyebrow trends, like the feather and fishtail brow, have come and gone.
But will this trend stay or will it die out soon like the rest as new ones come in?

A lot of people are already embracing the pencil brow, including makeup artists and fashionistas.
Instagram stars have also been sharing photos of their pencil brows and video tutorials explaining how they got the look.
Other bizarre eyebrow trends we’ve seen this past year are; the Christmas tree eyebrow, braided brows, wavy or squiggly brows, feather brows, fish tail brows, the halo brow and more.
More photos of the pencil brow below;

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