Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Man Caught Performing Sex Act On A Bus While Looking At Female Passengers. (Photos)

A pervert was caught on camera “performing a sex act on a packed bus” as he stared at female passengers. A passenger identified as Jilu Joseph filmed the man on as the bus drove from Kozhikkode to Adivaram in southern India.

According to TheSun, Jilu noticed the man looking at her in a strange way, but she thought nothing of it, until she recalls him suddenly unzipped his pants and performing the sex act.

She claimed the pervert didn’t care she was filming him for almost 60 seconds, as he stared directly into the camera.

As the bus approaches its next stop, the man appears to wipe his hands, pick up his rucksack and heads off the bus.

Jilu, who later posted the shocking video on social media, said she was really angry that no-one had intervened.

Jilu had wished for cops to intervene, track the man down and then prosecute him.

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