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FASHION- Latest Brazilian wool hairstyles in Nigeria

See The Latest Brazilian wool hairstyles in Nigeria

An original hairstyle is an excellent way of self-expression. While some Nigerian fashionistas make unusual haircuts and paint their hair in bright colours, other ladies prefer Brazilian wool hairstyles. This kind of hairstyle opens up huge creative space for hairdressers because it can be styled in different ways and colours. Choose the right option and you will look truly irresistible!
Brazilian wool hairstyles
If you still don’t know how to make your hairstyle really amazing, want something beautiful and remarkable, then this article is an answer to all your questions. There are so many different hairstyles besides curls or plain hair, and they all look great. Brazilian wool braids are one of the most popular options.

What is the Brazilian wool?
Brazilian wool hairstyles
If you want not only to look good but also feel great with braids on your head we recommend you make your Nigerian hairstyles with wool. So you will avoid additional strain on the scalp because it is a very light material.

Brazilian wool
If you have decided to make the braids, it’s very important to choose a material carefully. Brazilian wool is a proven option with which you won’t have any inconveniences.

Brazilian wool hairstyles in Nigeria
Useful tips for creating Brazilian wool styles
You need certain skills to make wool braids, but after some time you are likely to make a masterpiece on your head. Prepare material in advance and count how many strands you will need to work with. Sample calculations: one 200-gram pack is enough for 70 strands. The optimal number of strands on the head is 200, although it all depends on the thickness of the natural hair.

Brazilian wool
To weave ideal braids you will need to have a comb, hairpins, hair clips, and other accessories you would like to use to secure the hair.
For free braids, you should make bouffant on the top to visually increase the volume of hair. With regard to the high and tight braids, make the braids wet, so that they will not “run away” from the hands while styling. Remember that it is important to weave faux locks with Brazilian wool as close to the scalp as possible.

Let’s summarize the Brazilian wool benefits:
Weight. It is not as heavy as other popular materials for faux locks braids.
Pleasent texture. Wool is more silky and soft.
Price. N500 will be enough to get at least three bundles of Brazilian wool faux locks of different colours.
Different styles. Apart from braids, you can create Brazilian wool twists, Bob Marley braids or crotchet braids.

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