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Different S3xual Fetishes You Should Try On The Basis Of Zodiac Signs!

There are a lot of weird but wonderful fetishes that you can experiment with your partner & your zodiac sign can help you choose from them. Your zodiac sign is taken into consideration when you’re choosing your career path or to find out with whom you have chemistry with. But that is not it, your zodiac sign can tell you more than that. It can even give you an insight about what you should do in the bedroom with your partner.
Here are some s3xual fetishes that you should try on the basis of your zodiac sign.

Fetishes You Should Try Based On Zodiac Signs

1. Aries
Aries find pleasure in confident & dominant approach. Fetishes like angry s3x, fuelled by passion & energy will make the physical connection deeper, better & even more animalistic. Setting boundaries beforehand are important as well.

2. Taurus
Tauruses want the whole package. Incorporating food in your bedroom can turn out to be utterly satisfying. Try whipped cream, chocolate or anything else but do take care of the sheets. Hickeys turn them on as well.
3. Gemini 
Geminis love mental stimulation. Involving s3x toys in the bedroom activities would really get them going. Other fetishes include oral s3x, tickling & witty dirty talk.

4. Cancer
They are emotional, anything that makes them feel safe & loved turns them on. Sensual touching, belly rubbing & role playing are some of the fetishes that the people of this zodiac sign are drawn towards.

5. Leo
S3x on the beach is the ultimate turn on for them. They love flirting, scratching, biting, strip teasing. They want more attention than others, satisfaction isn’t the only thing they seek.
6. Virgo
A Virgo’s everyday shyness doesn’t give much exposure to the extent to which they can go in the bedroom. They are really into bondage, submission, roleplay, masks, ball gags & handcuffs. Their fetishes are as wild as it gets.

7. Libra
The people of this zodiac sign love experimenting. Most Libras are obsessed with butts. They love anal, spanking or anything that relates with the butt. They are equally concerned about their partner as they are for themselves in the bedroom

8. Scorpios
They find pleasure in semi-public s3x in parked cars or alleyways. They love the thrill of it. Their fetishes also include doing it in the water.
9. Sagittarius
S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia
They can be extremely passionate. They normally like being dominated. Getting choked, spanked & bit is a turn on for them. They also love playing s3x board games.
10. Capricorn
S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia
Capricorns sometimes take time in making the first move but once they get going then there’s no stopping them. They like being dominant. They are into older men & women.
11. Aquarius
S3xual Fantasies Based on Zodiac Signs
The people of this zodiac sign are into voices & that is why phone s3x & dirty talk turns them on. They can offer more than what others can handle.
12. Pisces
S3xual Fetishes based on Zodiac SignsVia
Foot fetishes are common among people with this zodiac sign. They value the emotional factor of s3x more than the physicality. They are dependent on their partner to do most of the work.

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