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Contest and be disgraced – Rev. Mbaka warns Buhari in an heart attack New Year message

Red hot Enugu cleric, the Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari not to think about looking for a moment residency in 2019. 

Mbaka, the profound chief, Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, said Buhari would be completely disfavored in the event that he tackles the administration after his present residency. 

He talked before a great many admirers in a New Year Message he conveyed early Monday morning. 

At a similar platform three years back, he had forecasted that then President Goodluck Jonathan would be crushed in the 2015 decision. 


The full transcript of the message as got:

I had needed to appeal to God for you and go on the grounds that I don't need anyone to assault me; I don't need the Bishop to welcome me; I don't need lawmakers to assault me anyplace. Be that as it may, God constrained me, you should state it. Hear me out. 2017 wound up noticeably a standout amongst the most ghastly years in this nation and that is the message. 

The Lord says, Nigerians, he says, hostage Nigerians, you will be rapidly saved; Nigerians, things are exceptionally troublesome, hard and extreme these days; the hardship isn't from God, they are man made; the evil intrigues and otherworldly operators in this nation have mischievously seized the generosity and great aims of Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari; his great expectations have been grabbed; President Buhari must wake up and sit up promptly or… paradise requests him, paradise requests Buhari, our President to change every one of the individuals who are holding and confining him in imprisonment; in the event that he won't transform them, he will be changed; Mr. President wake up; sit up; God said you are toying with the benefit given to you; there is no time; Nigerians are kicking the bucket in your grasp; individuals are not content with your framework. Change or you will be changed; God said that Buhari is in a bad position; Buhari is mesmerized; Buhair is in a horrendous servitude; Buhari's mantra has been canibalized. Unless President Buhari rapidly and deliberately, positions the opportune individuals and changes the previous ones he initiated by him, the unavoidable trend that he himself introduced will overwhelm him despicably. The breeze will be excessively solid that Mr. President and the intrigue will be smothered of office disgracefully. The breeze will be compelling for it will come like a sea tempest. Buhari can deal with this issue however number one, his office, on the off chance that he isn't cautious, another will take. 

Number 2, on the off chance that he is wouldn't like to advance Nigeria, God says He himself will design a system of propelling Nigeria. His example of arming debasement isn't simply old, boorish however is witch-chasing, appallingly specific. Mr. Buhari as the President, for what reason would it be advisable for you to pick and picking those that you and your purported EFCC man would need to capture, with the goal that your gathering turns into an alcove for offenders, so any individual who does not have any desire to be captured will turn into an APC individual? Is that defilement on itself? 

Change or you will be changed, after all you are the person who presented change as your mantra. Nigerian economy is in shambles and Nigerians are in distress. NIgeria isn't simply going through a financial dejection yet in addition it is a period of monetary restraint and pressure. Soon, Nigerians will realize that the nation is in frightful wreckage. The schemes have fouled up the President and befuddled him. In this way, Mr. President, you are to be faulted, not your schemes. You have your floor brushes, however the intrigues have their packs; possibly you clear them away or they toss you into the sack. Paradise cried that your technique isn't simply ancient yet excessively drowsy., moderate. The circumstance in Nigeria needs speed however you are excessively dull. 

Your change mantra is sketchy; you are to change your change or you will be disfavored out of office. Your farming plan has a hostile to motivation that is dangerous. For what reason ought to discuss farming and you leave the Fulani herders? Ranchers don't have trust; don't you hear what is going on in the nation? Wouldn't you be able to utilize your presidential order and help the less favored? The soul of God says that Mr. President is only president in the mouth; he isn't the genuine president per say; he is a pseudo president, individuals are running the legislature the way they like and offering him to articles to sign; Mr. President doesn't comprehend what is going on in his administration, what a pity. In any case, regardless of what is going on, God guaranteed us that Nigerians and Nigeria are not simply in His grasp but rather in his heart and his eyes. 

Mr president attempted his best to war against insurrection, he endeavored to stop exorbitant spending, living in extravagance, he is a specialist in halting rich life, cheating of government property however the way he is following it, he is too moderate. God cherishes him and gave him the order, he needed to battle defilement yet debasement is battling him back, with the goal that any individual who needs to perform debasement in an extremely brilliant manner, will keep running into APC. Mr President wake up, spare predetermination and spare your respectability. God said that the sitting President isn't the one Nigerians trusted, wake up. There are zones the President began doing a long time before he ended up noticeably wiped out; anyone can end up noticeably debilitated, don't celebrate in light of the fact that Mr. President is wiped out; we implored and God conceded him recuperating yet you realize that age isn't his ally. Regardless of whether you are sound yet you are not solid, there will be issue. 

Along these lines, Mr. President, as I was looking out for the Lord, I'm requested to exhort you, don't turn out for second residency, after this, resign, gently. Mr. President you are the reason for your own concern. God gave you a consultant, a superb guide, a visionist, a matron, in the individual of your significant other, Aisha, yet you would prefer not to hear her out, that lady is shattered, in light of the fact that she comprehended that you are not yourself. Return to yourself or you will cry when you will be conveyed of office. Thus, the individuals who are urging you to turn out and run once more, they need to disfavor you despicably and freely. 

We continue appealing to God for your snappy recuperation however you know when the President is wiped out and age isn't his ally, the message came, that is the reason the administration schools are wiped out, the administration doctor's facilities are wiped out, the administration streets are wiped out; control, power, debilitated, the economy is wiped out; joblessness turns into the request of the day, our graduates, our adolescents are living in miserable neediness and sadness, the compatriots are wiped out, hunger is assaulting desolating the general population of God; speculators have no more trust in Nigeria. The agro-vision has turned into a simple hallucination; even to take credit for cultivate has turned into the support of the rich, so that as you continue battling debasement, numerous who are around you are hatching and manuring defilement. Specialists are befuddled; in light of the fact that they don't know to do because of the temperamental economy. 

A few of us may start to ask, however for what reason did God pick Buhari by any stretch of the imagination? God has His reasons; when he picked Saul, He had His reasons, however at once he dismissed Saul, that is God for you. Jesus picked Judas, in His eternality he picked Judas as an Apostle, similar Judas deceived Him and Judas office another took; you can see the message isn't sweet. A similar God picked Jonathan, Goodluck, amid the oil blast, had Jonathan contributed well, at that point Nigerians won't endure what we are enduring now; even in the place where he grew up Otuoke, go to Niger Delta, there was no effect of administration, nothing. That is the reason God drove him out. Mr. President, on the off chance that you would prefer not to be pushed out, you need to wake up. In this way, God who picked Buhari, it is for a reason. At a specific time in the life of Jonah, the whale gulped him; at time Jonah couldn't forecast, he couldn't do his prophetic obligation once more; that is the manner by which Buhari's vision was gulped. 

And after that what should be finished. God doesn't commit error. At the point when God said Buhari will turn into the President, he turned into the president; when God chose to put Adam and Eve in heaven, he adored them, yet at once, a similar God pursued them out. Along these lines, the scheme thing, Mr. President Nigerians are getting frustrated in you; I was thinking about the sort of petition we will share, since this year is a time of essential for every one of the gatherings. Some will begin this year, I am not discussing PDP or APC, I'm asking God to give us a man after His heart. Presently, it is the turn of the Northerners, the Northerners will finish their eight years. In the event that mr president, Buhari won't proceed, in the event that you go to Gombe, go to Gombe, it was a provincial express, the present Governor there, Ibrahim Hassan, has transformed that place into very nearly a ultra current city and that man was a previous bookkeeper general of the nation. On the off chance that you go to Gombe, you won't know Gombe once more; for what reason can't such a man turn out; I don't have the foggiest idea about the gathering he is in; and he is as yet a young fellow; in his mid 50s, regardless of whether in PDP or APC I don't know yet whoever is doing that sort of enchantment in Gombe can deal with Nigeria. A man who did Phd in bookkeeping, contracted in showcasing, sanctioned in bookkeeping, a considerable measure of things, a master, we require some person with such emanation. Also, the Gombe individuals will let you know, he doesn't segregate amongst Muslims and Christians, he is protecting even Christians there. A few ministers he gave them arrive, gave arrive for places of worship. I am not battling for him, but rather I am discussing some individual who can lead us forward, some person with vision, with motivation, to change Nigeria isn't troublesome; wherever such a man is, let his gathering make him accessible for Nigerians to see it. 

Before it will be the turn of the Igbos, it isn't yet our turn, it will soon be our turn, when the ball is in our court, every one of us will discuss it. 

Along these lines my kin, we are discussing esteem chain economy; solid economy; security in the nation, business, instructive framework that is working, at that point God uncovered a period when a large portion of our flee Nigerians began getting back home. A period is coming when Nigerian will be a nation that is commendable for venture, speculators will originate from the North, South and East, from outside nations to contribute I

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