Wednesday, 31 January 2018

10 bullets was shot, 15 students suffocate as Osun state College of health technology ilesa students protest (see details)

The general congress of Osun state college of health technology ilesa perform a protest today due to the hindrance the college is facing.

The protest which tagged due to be a peaceful protest among the student to declare a lecture free among the entire student.

The student leave the school premises and stand at the gate of the college agitating for there rights

*The permanent Secretary,* *commissioner for health and special adviser of health to the governor were all Present where the students gathered.*

The union president stand in front of the student telling them to be patient before the address of the dignities.
The address is ongoing immediately the special force of police, mopol, civil defense and Squit action squad (SAS)  start tear gasing at  the students the gas cover all the congress and the congress was disorganized and along the line they also release straight bullet 10 times; which 5 bullet was shoot at the school gate, 2 was shoot at the anifowose junction and the remaining at amuta junction.

*More then 15 students suffocate when the acidic gas was release in the atmosphere.*

This makes the congress to change the pattern of the struggle in order to defend themselves and pursue the armed forces out of the school environment.
*The students hereby writes to all important dignities, philanthropist, and human right activist and unionist to support them in order to make there wishes come to fulfillment.*

*The following are our stand;*
1. *Accreditation of Environmental health department. (For there NYSC)*
2. *Autonomy of the school to become college of health.*

3. *Accreditation of dental health therapy.*

4. *Accreditation of general health studies most especially health technician for their NATIONAL EXAMINATION.*

5. *Reduction of the school fees.*

6. *Renovation and rehabilitation of the school clinic*

7. *Construction of the college internal roads.*

8. *Provisions of enough lecturers in the college*

9. *Provisions of adequate class room for the students*

10. *Provision of the independent school bus.*

11. *Provision of gardeners.*

*The aforementioned are what the student are hereby agitating upon and need immediate action of the government in order to make learning conducive for the entire students of the college.

*The school gate has been closed and we seek  for the approval of our demands with immediate effects.*

The students will never relent in the pursuit of their right being hindered by the gerontocrats and the state government.

*For ALUTA continua we say in pain !!!*
*Victoria ascertain we have as our gain*

We urge all Nigeria students to help and save our dear alma-mata And help us to use this hash tag on their update on social media till it reach the president, states governors and the senate presidency.


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