Tuesday, 26 December 2017

LOL!! See The 4 Nigerian Songs You’ve Been Singing Wrong Your Entire Life

I can’t wait to ruin your childhood memories!!
Everyone waxes nostalgic when they remember their childhoods. If you had a bad childhood, don’t worry I’m about to ruin the ones of those that had good ones.

Growing up in Naija, we had some songs we’ve been singing since we were toddlers. We learnt these songs and joined the multitude that has been singing it wrong for ages.
Here are some songs that many Nigerians have been singing wrong since they were kids:

1. Sandalili Sandalili
Every primary school child from the 90’s knows this song. We sang it and we were proud. But did you know we’ve been singing it all wrong since time immemorial?
Correct: Standard living, standard living.
I wonder how we made the jump from standard living to sandalili.

2. The most excellency is Jesus
This is another song many Christians sing. I bet you will hear this when you go to church on Sunday. The correct wording is:
Correct: The most excellent king is Jesus.

3. Jangilova epo motor
This was another favourite of us when it comes to playing games. I wonder where we got Jangilova when it is:
Jingle over like a motor

4. Osingo Osingo, Praise the Lord
This song is actually “O sing my soul, praise the Lord”. But as Nigerians, we have invented our own version lol.

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