Sunday, 31 December 2017

I was fighting for my life on my birthday - "Georgina Onuoha says"

Performing artist Georgina Onuoha has taken to Instagram to vouch for the significance of God following a noteworthy wellbeing alarm in September. 

This is what she composed; 

While the entire world praised my birthday on September 29, much to their dismay they were asking and wishing me well. Just few saw I didn't post any celebratory pictures. 

With all the excellent pictures that many esteemed, adored and spared, much to their dismay I was resting in the Emergency Room getting blood transfusion, huge amounts of Intravenous liquids. 

My life has dependably been an existence of declaration. I didn't realize what wasn't right, I was to a great degree exhausted. I take little strolls ; I'm gasping like somebody who simply completed a marathon. I climb the staircase, I have a craving for going out.. I couldn't appreciate a delightful shoreline stroll with my adoration. I battle with rest, my cerebrum can't shutdown for the night. Things were wrong. I called my essential care doctor and went in for a checkup. I was sent to do Series of lab. Which I did and went home. After two days, I was all fine and driving home and abruptly, I got that call. " Gina she said! 

Where are you? I answered, I'm driving home. She said stop your auto and submit yourself to the ER. I said why? She said you could go out any minute, your red blood check is to a great degree low, which implies you are not getting enough oxygen course to your cerebrum and heart. I was with my companion Kim. She took me to the ER, I was dealt with for weariness, low hemoglobin and Severe Anemia. 

Huge amounts of labs were done to make sense of why I lost so much blood and survived that long with a hemoglobin tally of 6. The rest is history. I was told by my specialist, Gina please rest, you require huge amounts of rest, and relax with examining. 

At each nearby experience with my life God has and will keep on keeping, watch and safeguard my life. Who are mine master that you are so aware of me? My lips will dependably applaud and favor you my maker in whom I trust. The individuals who put their confidence in God will never be disillusioned. Much obliged GG for continually being there for me. Much appreciated @mskimberlyla for all the affection and support. Much appreciated @naomiraheem I'm so happy to have you as a sister.. Much obliged just for all the birthday supplications in September.. they got marvels going in my life. For that I'm appreciative 🙏🏻. 

I will end this year giving declaration. Watch this space ❤️🙏🏻

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