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Saturday, 25 November 2017

How 2017 N-Power candidates were pre-chosen

From 11.30pm, November twentieth, 2017, 2017 candidates could see their pre-choice status on the NPower site. 

The N-Power program started in 2016. The initial 200,000 N-Power recipients were chosen from 350,000 Graduate applications.

In 2017, the N-Power entrance opened up for Graduate applications on the thirteenth of June. Applications got were 403% more than the Graduate applications got in 2016. As at the time, the application procedure shut in July 27th, 2017, 2,543,079 individuals had connected for the N-Power Graduate Programs.

In 2017, N-Power wascommitted to enhancing the lessons learnt in 2016.

To maintain a strategic distance from some installment issues that plague(d) the 2016 recipients, the BVN approval organize was presented. Here, candidates whose names didn't coordinate their BVN were blocked from continuing to the Assessment Test stage arrange.

2,258,266 individuals scaled through the BVN approval arrange. They were therefore welcomed to continue to the Assessment Test Phase. 1,746, 454 individuals regarded that welcome.

In choosing the 300,000, we thought about the accompanying

1. BVN Validation and Online Assessment

2. Accomplishing value

3. Connecting choice to populace utilizing Federal Constituencies

4. Tending to Demand Distribution of Unemployed Graduates

5. Considering, Deployment/Utilization issues from 2016

6. Amending Deployment/Utilization challenges among 2016 N-Power recipients

7. Rustic Urban Distribution Balance. Need was given to the Rural Areas particularly N-Agro candidates

8. Program Allocation — Teach/Agric/Health

300,000 have been pre-chosen for the physical check arrange. Candidates and the General Public must note that pre-choice does not compare Final choice.

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