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Monday, 2 October 2017

Very Important!! What Makes A Woman Good In Bed? – Guys, Get In Here & Let’s Talk

Hi Guys,
Guess you all are enjoying the Weekend?
This is a very important topic we want everyone to drop their comments on so we can know what a Woman needs to do before you can consider her as been good in bed.
At least, Na every we sleep with babe we dey do amebo with our friends “Mehn! That babe hot, She won kill me”  That’s true right? We self dey do am 
Now, what do you consider before you can say a Woman is Good In Bed?
Is it the kind of Style she suggested?
Is it the kind of sound she makes?
Is it the number of Rounds she can go?
Is it the duration she can hold on to before she starts to complain?
Don’t forget to drop your comment and tell us what you thing makes a Woman good in bed?
Anything! Just tell us things from your own point of view.
Drop your comments.

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