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Thursday, 5 October 2017

IGP Impregnated, Promoted Female Officer, Misau Tells Senate

The Senate on Wednesday set up an ad hoc committee to investigate corruption allegations brought against Ibrahim Idris, Inspector General of Police (IGP), by Senator Isah Misau.

The Senate is also to investigate allegations of breach of ethical code by the IGP who was accused to have dated a junior officer in the police, impregnated her, hurriedly marrying her to conceal the illegal act, and even went as far as promoting her far above her seniors, despite not possessing the requisite qualifications for such promotion.
At the same time, the upper legislative chamber also mandated its Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions to investigate the police allegation of desertion against Sen. Misau and report to plenary.
Senator Misau had accused the Police IG of monumental corruption, an allegation the IG denied.
In retaliation, the IG accused Senator Misua of being a police deserter who didn’t retire properly but brandishing a faked retirement acceptance letter from the Police Service Commission (PSC).
A petition was written to the Senate by the IGP requesting the legislative body to investigate the Bauchi born senator
However, the PSC had intervened and declared the retirement letter of Misau as genuine.
Even at that, the police authority did not withdraw the petition written against Misau.
At Wednesday’s plenary, Senator Misua who is the Senate Committee Chairman on Navy, raised a point of order on the issue during which he notified his colleagues that he has been having a running battle with the IGP over his concern on the level of corruption in the Nigeria Police Force.
He said he deemed it necessary to bring the matter before the Senate in view of the fact that it has been in public domain for some weeks now.
He accused the IGP of blackmailing him because he dared to talk about the level of corruption in the force.
He said the IG is a man that lacks integrity, alleging that he is a promiscuous man who had sexually exploited a junior female officer whom he has eventually impregnated.
He claimed that the said female police officer was already four months pregnant for the IGP, when he hurriedly arranged a marriage ceremony in Kaduna.
Misau said the pregnant female officer has also been compensated by the police IG by illegally promoting her, despite her lack of qualification.
The lawmaker said the marriage between the IGP and the female officer contravened the code of ethics of the force.
“I was a retired police officer after serving for 10 years and my father was in the police too and he served for 34 years. In fact, he joined the police even before I was born. So when I speak about the police I know what I am saying. When I speak about police I speak on authority.
“I am concerned about what is happening in the police in terms of bribery and there is a need for something urgent to be done to salvage the image of the institution.
“Before raising alarm on the irregularities in the institution, I called three serving officers and they confirmed to me that people pay much more than N500,000 to get promotion.
“I also have other evidences that I am ready to release for investigation,” he said.
Speaking on his claims that the IGP has impregnated a female police officer, Misau said, “I am aware that the IGP has impregnated a female officer in his office. Because he wanted to save his face, he hurriedly went ahead and married the woman. The wedding ceremony was held in Kaduna State.
“The female officer was already four months pregnant. This is against the rules of the Police Service Commission (PSC). You cannot marry another police officer while you are still serving. But the IGP has flouted that law.”
The lawmaker further alleged that the police was generating money from companies where officers were being deployed to serve, whereas, the funds so generated was never paid into the federation account.
He lamented that while most Nigerians were without security protection, the force was in the habit of deploying large number of officers to guard companies and a few individuals.
He said, “This is an open secret. It is obvious that even people with questionable character have police backing blaring siren all over the place.
“One police officer is supposed to be for 400 people but in Nigeria it is one police officer to 800 people and a marketer for instance will have over 30 policemen.
“This is depleting the few police we have meanwhile the ordinary citizens are left without adequate protection.
“We have excellent police officers who are now demoralised because promotion is no longer based on merit and years of service.
“Another thing I found out is that there is illegal diversion of funds. Under the 2016 budget, there was a line item for purchase of armoured personnel carrier (APC) instead luxury cars were purchased without virement.”
On allegations by the police that he was a deserter, Sen. Misau insisted that he followed due process in retiring from the police.
He urged the Senate to set up an ad hoc committee to investigate his allegations against the police.
In his remarks, Senate President Bukola Saraki said in view of the weighty nature of the allegations brought against the police, the Senate would not hesitate to investigate the matter.
“We have listened to him and he has raised a number of issues we can’t sweep under the carpet. We have to reform our institutions and deal with allegations of corruption because they are weighty.
“The ad hoc committee will deal with the area of allegation of corruption, while the Committee on Ethics and Privileges will deal with the allegation of the police against Misau,” he said.
The ad hoc committee, according to Saraki, would be chaired by the Deputy Chief Whip, Francis Alimikhena.
Other members of the committee, according to him, are Joshua Lidani, Binta Masi, Duro Faseyi, Nelson Effiong, Obinna Ogba, and Suleiman Hunkuyi.

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