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Thursday, 14 September 2017


10 things to apply every day to live long and healthy Life
Several readers have told me that the Chronicle of Will we are immortal? Is interesting, but it would be nice to have a synthesis of the concrete advice that this book gives, given the size of it and the Chronicle. It’s done with these 10 things that will make a huge difference in your life if you apply them day after day, because there is nothing more powerful to build something than to make it brick after brick, day after day Day: one day we turn around and contemplate astonished the edifice of our life, composed of all these bricks, of all those days that we have accumulated. By taking care of our health every day, we put a brick every day in the building of our long and healthy life. Here are ten of his habits that are as many bricks to be laid each day. Follow the guide.  
Limit your consumption of red meat
Red meat, even lean meat, should be avoided in all cases, as livestock is usually saturated with the hormones and antibiotics used in industrial farms, in particular, because it takes longer to raise a cow or A pig a hen. Moreover, this meat is often high in cholesterol, and there is a risk of infection by prions, due to mad cow disease.

At worst, eat organic red meat, but try to favor white meat and fish rich in EPA / DHA, especially salmon. Take the bio if you can.

 Prefer the right fats
That is, Omega 3 and Omega 6 rather than saturated fats and bad unsaturated fats (for an explanation of what are saturated and unsaturated fats, see Chapter 6: Fats and proteins of Will we be immortal?).

To do this, concentrate on the following foods:

Fish rich in EPA and DHA, including salmon (wild salmon contains more than farmed salmon) and low levels of mercury.
Extra virgin olive oil (this last point is very important).
Flax seeds and linseed oil naturally pressed.
From tofu.
Lean meats, and especially white meats (chicken, turkey). Obviously, it is preferable to select
high farm poultry without hormones and antibiotics
And absolutely avoid:
Saturated fats of fatty meats, butter, milk and other animal products.
Commercial cooking oils (always prefer extra virgin olive oil).
Hydrogenated fats from margarine or vegetable fats, and almost all commercial pastries.
Frying deep. It is best to saute on a high heat using extra virgin olive oil, and it is a good idea to put water in a wok, add a small amount of oil, and Cook for a short time at medium or moderate temperature

 Chewing before digestion is very important for our health
Indeed, swallowing large pieces before they have been properly ground, and mixed with saliva, forces the digestive tract to secrete larger amounts of powerful digestive enzymes, which can cause excess gas And be bloating, and with time injure the stomach. So take your time when you eat. (I also invite you to read 5 excellent reasons to eat more slowly.)

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