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Friday, 22 September 2017


Are you having issues saving google adsense codes, chitika, infolinks or any other html codes into a blogger theme? Then AFOINFOBLOG free adsense code parser (parse html online)tool is for you.

What is the Adsense Code Parser (parse html online)?

It converts your html codes into an xml code for pasting within any blogger theme for pending adsense approval or other purposes.
This tool is very easy, flexible and accurate to use.

How to use CyberGeak Adsense Code Parser (parse html online)

Firstly, if you applied for Google adsense or any other Ad network and you are on blogger host you may experience theme incompatibility issues so using this adsense code parser tool (parse html online) will solve it.
After getting your ad code for pending application; CLICK TO PARSE YOUR HTML CODE paste it into the first box you see after CLICK TO PARSE YOUR HTML CODE, you will see a box is responsible for holding the html code of your ads.
The next step is to click on convert button after the first box to automatically send bot to run the conversion for you.
Your code should be ready for use, just hover into the second box, select the parsed code and copy it.
You are good… paste it within your site…


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