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Thursday, 14 September 2017


We all lived with the dream of going on a date with our love at least once in our lives. After all, who does not enjoy appointments with the person you love silence? For extroverts ask someone for a date certainly not a big problem. On the other hand, introverts generally await the first movement of the other and, consequently, lose the opportunity. Proposals of date, roses, and other things are just an occasional fancy for them. So what better plan the first step? Date Hacks these will probably increase your confidence and may even end on a romantic date with your dream partner.
Here are 13 hacks that day to help you ask your crush for a date. And remember, do not create a mess of it.
  • Honesty is indeed the best policy
You must be honest with their appearance, thoughts, choices and preferences. Avoid counterfeit. Being a braggart definitely cancel your chances. Try to look natural and throw all personality filters.
  • Start with a conversation

If you know what I mean by “informal”, you do not start in a seductive manner. Never! Conversation will help break the ice and set aside the clumsiness. You can ask a question or two. Completely your choice. Avoid being too personal in the first itself conversation, until quite comfortable with the title of being a creep.

    • Avoid search approvals
    I hope you enjoy my company. Could you go on a date with me? Are you comfortable? These stupid questions are strange enough to frighten anyone. Be true to yourself and do not let these questions dominate your mind.
    • Say No to Mediators
    Another person would like to speak with you, not with your mediators. Pawns sending messages, chocolates or other random material by a third party is of no use. Shoot the shy way and take the initiative in their own hands. Always remember, ‘2 is a company, 3 is a crowd.
    • Ask the other person to join you for lunch

Often you will find people having a meal alone in their offices. Take advantage of the opportunity and in most cases, the answer is a big “yes”. Start with the introduction and share their share of the contribution to the institution. Joining a plate of food can do wonders.

  • Avoid being aggressive and impatient
Why did you not answer? Are you busy? Do I annoy you? Believe me, do not leave a trace behind these messages. You are very excited to heart, but do not let reflected in your face. Believe in the fact that another person may be busy or taken something really important.
  • Start with the numbers, not the username
First and the suggestion to ask someone for a date is in the exchange of contact numbers. Instead of asking for their username and Insta FB, opt for the numbers. They will do their best. 😉 This represents one of the best date hacks that people often ignore.
  • Never give false praise, never!
This insurance may deny the other person’s mood. However, the appropriate compliments can be an icing on the cake. And yes, do not forget, in the end, fakeness represents shadows. You will not miss with everyone in the dark.
  • Dinner Date
If you have been friends for a long time and want to move it forward, Dinner Date will work perfectly for you. According to research, going for a lunch/coffee involves more of a friendly relationship than you two already share. Dinner located in the romantic charisma and eventually, this should assist you in revealing your point properly clear.
  • Do not let jealousy come into the picture
Listen to what the other person has in store for you and do not misunderstand his ideas. Let them know that you feel comfortable listening to their side of the story.
  • Drop the invitation
Once you are good speakers stand up, collect all your guts and ask him/her for a date. It is simple. You have to ask them to join for a movie or dinner. Even walking can be a much better choice. This will certainly help to better understand the other person. And, of course, going for a walk will be much more romantic than a movie! Always.
  • Prepare for the worst situation
Rejection. Take yourself in his heart. Another person could be irritated by any problems. Do not create a mess out of it. Drop the idea of one or two days and wait for it to come to you. If not, leave the idea permanent.
  • Or say a pizza!
Who does not like pizza? Just send them a pizza box with a chip reading: “I know it is tacky, but I mind you to join dinner one day? “

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