Sunday, 1 January 2017

What's your new year resolution?

My beloved friends, as the year comes to an end today, it is important we make new decision on how we are going to flow next year. We need to recall our mistakes and make amendment.Now its not enough to make a resolution, we need to stick to it and make it work out. Its easier to list down your Resolution, everything looks achievable on New Year day but most people tends to forget and continue their normal way of Life.By the grace of God, All what we want & what we don’t want will sure work according to our Various Plans. AMEN!!I have made a list of what I called my “New Year Resolution”They are:-
1. I’m going to forgive those who wronged me over the years
2. I am going to be committed to my work like never before
3. I want to get more closer to GOD
4. I want to Start new Startups and Invest heavily in Naijaloaded
5. I want to think gently, talk slowly and continue being Generous even when people take me for a Fool
6. To Stop Giving a F*ckWhat about You?– Tell us what your New Year Resolutions are.Happy new year.. We shall all live to see the end of 2017. Stay Winning

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