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Life of Linda Ikeji (net worth) forbes

Lindaikejiblog: Linda Ikeji Net Worth (Forbes, 2016) & Why She’s Unique!9 Commentslinda ikeji,Linda ikeji autobiography,linda ikeji blog,linda ikeji worth,lindaikejiblogShe is a Nigerian blogger in her mid-thirties, CEO of LindaIkejiBLOG.COM.
Enterprising, creative and probably one of the most talented bloggers in the entertainment industry, Linda Ikeji prides as one of the most outstanding and very influential bloggers Nigeria, and indeed Africa, has ever produced.
Welcome to the world of Linda Ikeji, the billionaire owner owner of Linda Ikejiblog.Here are 5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Linda and her blog.

1. Her Humble Beginnings
Linda is one of those people who never had a silver spoon. She was responsible for fendingfor herself and her family from the tender ageof 17 years.Pushed by failure from her modeling career, she created Linda Ikeji’s Blog as a passionateway to while away time. However, her blog didn’t immediately become popular at the time. Linda ikeji started out as a “struggling blogger” in 2006.Yes, Linda could barely average a few hundred daily visits on her blog when she started her blogging career. She struggled with traffic, but never relented on growing the blog.Today, the Linda Ikeji Blog has become a top brand in Nigeria and even beyond. It has practically become an enviable money spinner, which rakes in at least five million naira monthly for the Africa’s richest blogger.Linda makes huge money through her blog from the adverts run by top Nigerian companies and entertainment business outfits. Her blog also enjoys between 100,000to 250,000 visits from over 180 countries daily.The lindaikejiblog is currently worth more than $2 million Dollars in value! Can you beat that?

2. Her Recognition by Forbes
It is no news that Linda Ikeji has received numerous awards and accolades from home.However, what is news is that Linda Ikeji’s Blog has traveled beyond the shores of this land.Quite recently, she was recognized as one of the most outstanding bloggers in Africa. Of course, Linda remains a force to reckon with when it comes to celebrity gists, entertainment, and so on.In the August edition of Forbes, Linda debuts in the prestigious Forbes Africa magazine and tagged as Nigeria’s highest paid blogger.That edition of Forbes Magazine was meant to honor and appreciate the participation of women in business.According to the Managing Editor of Forbes, Chris Bishop, the edition mirrors some of the most prominent and powerful women to date.The Forbes recognition is a great achievement for the Lady blogger, owing to the prestige and glamor associated with being featured and celebrated on Forbes list, a feat which even more influential people never achieve.Other awards the blog has earned include: Best Daily Read, Nigerian Blog of the Year, “Most Controversial Blog” and Best Entertainment Blog.Update: Google, the popular search giant, recently announced that Linda Ikeji is the most popular searched term in 2014. Wow, out of all the hundreds of billions of searches Nigerians made in the year through Google ? Not even the name of our president or “Nigeria” came top? That is a very remarkableposition to attain!

3. She is a Multibillionaire!
Fame and wealth are two inseparable twins—one follows the other! Just as it was rightly pointed out above, Yes Linda Ikeji is a multimillionaire.Linda is so rich from her blogging efforts that she could practically afford anything she wants.She has bought properties worth millions of naira for her parents in a choice part of Lagos. Moving from a jaw-breaking 2008 Toyata Camry she bought in 2011, the one-time “struggling model” has added the latest 2014 Range Rover Sport to her fleet of cars. Both cars are worth millions of Naira. Just few month, Linda bought a mansion worth over 600 million naira in Banana Island, Lagos to the surprise of many.Well, blogging has really paid her pretty well!
4. Fame Also Made Her VulnerableIt
is often said that “the rich also cry”! The success and popularity of Linda Ikeji’s blog has brought her not only friends, but numerous enemies too. Fame seems to have left her exposed to too many criticisms. Numerous dirty allegations and counter-accusations have been levelled against her ina bid to get her down.Linda has been slapped with series of accusations of prying into the private lives of Nigerian celebrities.For example, she has received strong verbal assaults and legal threats from popular actors such as Richard Mofe Damijo, Jim Iyke, Stella Damascus just to mention a few.In October, she was the subject of a CopyrightInfringement case filed with Google by one Mr Aye Dee. This led Google to take down herblog but it was eventually restored 24 hours later when the dispute was withdrawn.It is interesting to note that Mr Aye Dee turned out to be Linda’s former mentor and close associate with whom she claimed to have lost contact a few years ago.Mr Aye Dee felt insulted that Linda Ikeji left him because of fame even though his advice was instrumental to the success of her blog. Hence, jealously made him cook up the Copyright allegations case.Anyway, Linda admitted to be partly guilty of the using other people’s content, sometimes forgetting to give credit, and apologized for it!

5. She is still Single!
Yes, Linda has it all—money, fame, beauty—but one! However, she is yet to experience the joy of marriage. Or may I say, the test of marriage?As a Nigerian woman living in a culture wherea woman is believed to be incomplete no matter how accomplished she is until she claims the title of Mrs., one can imagine how unfulfilled.However, marriage is a big ocean which you must not dive into unprepared, no matter the pressure. It is a common thing to find divorceamong Nigerian celebrities nowadays. So, it may really be worth taking one’s time.Nevertheless, Linda should consider the fact time is not on her side. Health-wise, doctors agree that the probability of producing healthy children and having safe deliveries diminishes as a woman ages.Therefore, it will be wise for her to make hay while the sun shines.Wishing Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, Nigeria’s Queen ofblogging, all the best in her life!

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