Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Lets Discuss!! Do You Think Its A Wise Decision To Ask Your Girlfriend Or Wife About Her Past?

Hello Friends,
Hope you all had a wonderful day at work? May God bless us this month and beyond.
Here is a very Vital and Important topic to talk about.. This Topis has ruined many relationship over time and will keep destroying many more relationship to come.
Tell me about your Past is one sentence some matured and intelligent guys will never talk about in their relationship. You know why? The answer is very simple.. The Answer won’t solve any Problem instead it will only create Troubles for you and your partner and the relationship might eventually end badly.
98% of the Guys wants to know about their Girlfriend’s past.. What for?
If a girl is sincere enough and she opens up to you, Telling you how she has survived breakups from different guys, How one guy met her, convinced her and maybe she gave him a Trial and the guy ended up sleeping with her and the relationship stopped plus many other horrible stories that she had before she finally met you. Believe me, if you are not strong or matured enough to handle things, You might start hating that girl at that very moment she’s narrating her past to you.

Now you know her past.. right? Can you change or correct her past? NO! So why do you care to know?
I remember how I asked my Girlfriend about her past with her Ex-Boyfriend 2 years ago, After she narrated the story to me telling me how she met her Ex at a Birthday party in Ojota and how the guy scoped her to have s*x with him which she eventually fell for, I was Sad and feeling down immediately, but we never started dating when all this happened na, So why am I worried? I don’t know!!
3 months after she narrated the ugly story to me, She  informed me she was going for a Party with some of her Friends on the Island, I gladly allow her go and she left happily. After about 5 hours, It was around 10:30pm and I called and called my Girl but she was not picking up and later the number was not even ringing again.. Guess what came to my Mind! I was already thinking maybe the same thing that happened at the Birthday party is happening again, I felt so Sick.
After 1hr, She came back home with a bleeding head, She actually had and accident but my own thinking was maybe she’s actually doing her Sh!t again.. May God forgive me.
Now, Imagine she came back home without any Injury.. The first question I would have asked her was “Why are you not picking my Calls?” and if she try to talk or I don’t believe what she said, I might end up calling her a Prostitute and then things will start going wrong even when she did not do any Sh!t.

So, Whats the Importance of asking about her Past??
How do men feel when they know the woman they are marrying has a dirty past?
Please guys and girls on Naijaloaded, Please avoid this Relationship Killing Question “Tell Me about Your Past“.. It can end you sweet relationship!
As far as I’m concerned, the past should remain firmly in the past..
If you have problem dealing with your Girlfriend’s past, Ask yourself this simple question “Is my own past good either? Are you a virgin yourself?”
Thank You.
Kindly join this Conversation.. Tell us your Experience on this Topic.
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