Friday, 13 November 2015

Whaoo! 24/7 Mtn to Mtn Free Call Cheat Subscription Codes

Mtn Free Calls and Me
Mtn free calls rocks! Just in case you are wondering why,
it’s simple, almost everybody on my contact list of uses
Mtn network so guess what happens when I get any latest
free cheat on Mtn calls? I’ll never let my phone down. I’ll
make sure that I use it to optimal level.

The trick is, provided there is light, I’ll continue making
calls! And all readers will equally enjoy
this. Dont forget to always visit Nigerian Students blog @ for cool updates like this.
Introducing Mtn free calls cheat for
24 hours & 7 days
Today, I’ll show you how to get another Mtn free calls cheat
that works with just 50 naira and lasts for 24 hours, that’s 1
day or 200 naira and lasts for 7 days, that’s a week ! You
don’t need their so called Mtn awoof and cheap tariff plans
if you have this cheat though I advice you keep them near
as we don’t know when we are saying goodbye to this very
The fifty naira “50 naira” cheat will give you four thousand
eight hundred naira “4,800 ” to call
any MTN Nigeria line for 24 hours.
While the two hundred
naira plan will give you twenty thousand naira “20,000” to
call MTN Nigeria lines for 7 days.
 How to use the new Mtn Free Calls Cheat of
50 naira & 200 naira
Before I start, I’ll like to let you know that this cheat doesn’t
work on all sims . So, you can choose to arrange for 3 sims
before commencing. Am sure most of you Do have more
than that.
Simply recharge your line with a minimum of 200 naira
Airtime . This is to accommodate both the first/second one.
You can recharge just 100 naira if you want to use the daily
N50 own.
Subscription Codes for Mtn free calls
After recharging, dial this code *142*3*1#.
You will get a response message and you will have to
message to get the offered Airtime . The offer expires at
and the validity date.
If it’s the daily own, it’ll expire by midnight. If it’s the 7
days cheat, it’ll expire in a week’s time. Am sure most
people will go for the 1 week own.
Transfer Airtime Credit | Data on Mtn Glo Etisalat
Airtel Networks [codes & tutorials] Let’s Revisit the Basics of this cheat
1. With 50 Naira you can enjoy FREE MTN to MTN calls for
Airtime Bonus : N4, 800
2. With 200 Naira you can enjoy FREE MTN TO MTN Call s
for seven days
Airtime Bonus : N20, 000
The Subscription package works on all Mtn tariff plans , so
don’t be deceived into changing
How to check Balance of the free Calls Cheat
You may be wondering, is this really unlimited free calls?
No, it’s actually capped . And you can check the balance
with the code below.
You can always check your account balance using the
code *559*4#

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