Friday, 6 November 2015

Muslim Lady: Things you need To Do That will Make You Happy

Along with everything bestowed upon the human race, being a woman is a blessing from Allah.
Just as everyone is different, so also people’s needs differ from one person to another.
Below are ideal ways to fully live and enjoy your life as a single Muslim woman:
The first thing is for you to focus on what makes you happy, and discover yourself. Pay attention to your career, studies, hobbies, learning new skill or improving an existing one, or making connection with others. Spread happiness everywhere.
Dedicate your time and energy wholeheartedly to anything that provides a source of happiness and personal satisfaction to you.

Concentrate on what you have and try as much as possible to make the most of it. Enjoy every part of your day and properly utilize your time as a single lady by having fulfilling goals that occupy your time productively.
Contrary to what many believe, Muslim women are not less fortunate in terms of freedom. They actually travel and explore every aspect of the world. Some people believe that hijabi Muslim girls are automatically limited in what they do, but that is not true.
Just like work, health and fortune, marriage is a grace from Allah and it is not suitable or meant for everybody. Therefore, make sure you don’t get so  preoccupied with thinking about getting married. Instead, leto God decide for you. Also, you have to realize that marriage is not everything in life; it is not the solution to all your problems and not the only means to happiness.
Love and trust yourself. Believe in your abilities and always rely on God for help. This is because if you don’t learn to love yourself and love your life while you are on your own and single, it is very likely that you will not be happy in a relationship either.
Always seek God’s guidance and never ignore your spiritual needs. Attend Islamic talks, surround yourself by positive people and religious friends who will build your faith and help you grow spiritually.

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