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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Why upcoming actresses get sexually harassed — Angela Philips

Busty and beautiful Angela Philips has seen quite a few things as far as the Nigerian movie industry is concerned. Her run of good streaks began as‘Efe’ in the popular but rested soap opera ‘Behind the Clouds’, then she reaffirmed her presence on the scene with a highly celebrated comedy ‘Osofiason’ and later went on to stamp her name as one of the leading ladies of the tube in ‘Domino’, another soap that lit households across the country in the early 2000s.
 Born to a Lagosian father and an Imo State-born mother, Angela has an hybrid genes in her that allows her to deliver multi-ethnic roles with effortless gusto.

In all her years as an actress, spanning over two decades, the actress claimed she has never been sexually harassed even though her looks would present her as an easy target.
“I’ve never been sexually harassed. If you go for an audition half naked, what do you expect? Besides, most people are very desperate for movie roles, they are willing to do anything to act in a movie. So, it isn’t about being harassed, it is about you.
If you set up yourself for harassment you would be harassed. Most upcoming actresses set themselves up for harassment” she stated boldly in a chat with Ayo Oni
“I don’t even understand them at all. Unlike those days when we got into the industry, there was discipline, strictness and ethics.
God will help all of us” she added

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