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Monday, 28 September 2015

NUC To Shutdown Unilag,bedbug issue

The Nigerian University Commission in an emergency meeting held in the early hours of Monday decided to suspend the University of Lagos.
The decision to suspend the university was based on health reasons, chief among which is the Bedbug epidemic. This decision was reached after series of reports and complaints emanating from the school.
The university authority in its defense stated that a number of fumigation exercises have been carried out to put an end to what has now come to be known among the students as the ‘Bedbug Plague’. A top official of the prestigious institution who pleaded anonymity told our correspondence that, “the fumigation exercise is usually carried out during the holidays when students have vacated the residence”.
In contrary, the students who were seen protesting today as early as 7am with tattered looking beds claim that rather than exterminate the vile crawling creatures, the fumigation process (which was not properly done) seem to have empowered the bugs, as they are now seen breeding and crawling in large numbers.
“We sometimes wonder who owns the room, we or the bedbugs?” A protesting student in boxers and Arsenal jersey said.
”Welcome toUniBUG!” Another one shouted.
It is no longer news that students in various halls of residence embark on personal room fumigation from time to time, in a bid to get rid of the vile pests.
Even our correspondent who visited a number of rooms in some halls of residence in the school had to conduct most of the interview on her on her feet for fear of getting infected by the bugs.
No where seems to be safe as the bugs are found in rooms, common rooms, and even classes.
It has been observed that the bedbugs are even more dreaded than the strictest lecturers. This is as a result of the social stigma that befalls anyone on whose body or clothes bedbug is caught in public.
Disclaimer:This article is the FICTIONAL work of a squatter who was denied hostel accommodation by the D.S.A.
Bamidele Michael Obafemi Jr. | Twitter: @Son_OfA_Witch

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